Free online classes. Be well!

This is the new normal. And while it’s temporary, let’s face it, we could be in for a long haul at home. I want to do my part to help you stay on your mat during this time. Last week, I shot a couple of practice videos for you, and I plan to keep themContinue reading “Free online classes. Be well!”

Today’s schedule: impermanence

No matter what you had going on this time last week, thanks to COVID-19/coronavirus, this week is CANCELLED. And next week is also cancelled. We don’t really know how long everything is going to be cancelled. As someone who stays pretty busy, as I know you do, and has a lot of scribble in myContinue reading “Today’s schedule: impermanence”

A quick little anxiety-buster

I had a conversation with a dear friend over lunch today. She and I remarked that anxiety seems to be rampant these days. When I was in graduate school, depression was referred to in all the textbooks and by experts as the “common cold of mental illness.” But I honestly think anxiety has surpassed that.Continue reading “A quick little anxiety-buster”