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I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee but now proudly claim Little Rock, Arkansas as my home. As a child, I read mythology stories, wrote plays, made up songs, daydreamed, loved food, had a smart mouth, played dress-up, explored, got lost, listened to too-loud music, played in the woods, and believed trees and rocks were magic. I am pretty much the same as an adult.

I’m a licensed master social worker. I earned my RYT 200 certification at the Arkansas Yoga Collective Academy and am currently working toward an additional 300 hour certification. I’m trained in Yin and trauma-informed yoga. 

I’ve practiced yoga for over 20 years now. I’ve gotten stronger and more flexible. But I’ve also become more patient in traffic. Better able to show up authentically and bravely in relationship with others. Less prone to black-and-white or catastrophic thinking. Better able to examine my own motives and to stay open to my truth, even when it’s scary or inconvenient.

Meditation and mindfulness have brought a focus, peace, and sense of ease to my life that I did not think possible. My relationships are richer, my sense of purpose stronger. 

An understanding of the energetic body has been integral to my own healing, and I think it can really be a powerful tool in yours, too. Breathwork, movement, energy psychology, chakra healing, and reiki all bring a subtler awareness to the energies of the body and mind. Energy work helps to balance the mind, body, and spirit. It can accelerate the healing of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. Learning to work with these modalities has taken me from feeling stuck and uninspired to filled with peace, creativity and joy. Any or all of these tools can be part of your journey, too.

We are all here to use our unique gifts in service to each other and to the world. My mission and intention are to help you show up in every area of your life with authenticity, clarity, courage, compassion, and connection. 

Her clear concise instructions, gentle corrections, and understanding of what my body and spirit needed in that space and time made and continue to make her an excellent teacher. Her meditation work is especially impressive and very soothing.

Mandy S.

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