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Life coaching, yoga, meditation, and holistic emotional wellness for modern warriors.

Life Coaching

We live in a complicated world. Your full participation is needed. Whether you want help managing stress, navigating difficult life transitions, grieving a loss, setting healthy boundaries, or struggling with a big decision, I can help. I’m a licensed master social worker. I’ve got research-backed, consciousness-based tools for living peacefully, deliberately, and abundantly, so you can show up fully in your life!

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga can not only help with stress management, build strength and increase mobility – the latest research proves that this embodied practice can help improve your emotional well-being, too. And if you want to find stillness within but are intimidated by the idea of sitting quietly for more than five minutes, I can support you in developing a meditation practice – one that you’ll actually do.

Other Holistic Modalities

How can breathing help to process difficult emotions and remove stress? What can you do when your energy just feels stuck? How can you rewire your nervous system to get rid of some of these old recordings you keep playing over and over in your mind? And like…what’s a chakra? I can work with you to explore a range of modalities to help you break the patterns that are no longer serving you.

I’m the one that I want.

Mindful divorce/separation workshop in Little Rock…coming soon!

Wholeheartedness is hard. But not fully living our lives is much harder. And much more dangerous.

Brene Brown

Everyone’s healing path is different. Let’s find the one that works for YOU.

Alchemize your pain, fear, and uncertainty into a life of discovery, opportunity, and transformation. Let’s get started!

About Me

I’m a brave, creative soul leading women and men to live lives of aligned fulfillment and purpose. Together, we reclaim our sovereignty to help heal a turbulent world.

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