Restorative yoga: the most important practice you’re not doing

We all thought this pandemic would end in April. Maybe May. We were wrong. This pandemic is here to stay for a good while longer, and with it, prolonged stress and anxiety. We’re isolated, our routines are interrupted, we’re worried about our children and our parents and our livelihoods and how to take care ofContinue reading “Restorative yoga: the most important practice you’re not doing”

Work-at-home yoga for entrepreneurs and creatives

This past week, I had the privilege of being invited by the Venture Center to lead them in a chair yoga workshop. I had a blast talking with this amazing group of entrepreneurs and creatives about the many benefits of yoga, and sharing a mindful and meditative, yet energizing sequence that anyone can do atContinue reading “Work-at-home yoga for entrepreneurs and creatives”

Free online classes. Be well!

This is the new normal. And while it’s temporary, let’s face it, we could be in for a long haul at home. I want to do my part to help you stay on your mat during this time. Last week, I shot a couple of practice videos for you, and I plan to keep themContinue reading “Free online classes. Be well!”

Today’s schedule: impermanence

No matter what you had going on this time last week, thanks to COVID-19/coronavirus, this week is CANCELLED. And next week is also cancelled. We don’t really know how long everything is going to be cancelled. As someone who stays pretty busy, as I know you do, and has a lot of scribble in myContinue reading “Today’s schedule: impermanence”