This short, well-rounded practice is designed to provide a little grounding during this unpredictable time. Connect breath to movement, preferably six feet away from your neighbor. Enjoy and be well! 36 minutes; posted March 23, 2020.
Has your body started to fuse itself to the couch? Too much Netflix and not enough chill? I’ve got you covered with this short sequence that’s designed to simply connect your breath to movement and wake up sluggish prana. Enjoy! 21 minutes; posted March 23, 2020.
I’m at home. Hope y’all are too. Enjoy this slow flow with a little “baby yin” cool down. Stay safe. Love y’all. xo
In order to meditate, you first have to learn to concentrate! Cultivate focus and find balance and calm in this short mantra meditation.
We are all made of stars…I recorded this very simple and relatively short guided meditation to help you cultivate calm, mindfulness, and a sense of peace, wherever you are. Johnnie Brannon Filmwork did the video. Enjoy!