A winter meditation

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The hustle and bustle of holiday madness! A full schedule of parties! A million things to do: send the holiday cards, trim the tree (or three!), wrap and deliver gifts, wrestle with crazy holiday traffic… Now…stop. Shhhhh. Can you hear it? The quiet contemplation of the winterContinue reading “A winter meditation”

A quick little anxiety-buster

I had a conversation with a dear friend over lunch today. She and I remarked that anxiety seems to be rampant these days. When I was in graduate school, depression was referred to in all the textbooks and by experts as the “common cold of mental illness.” But I honestly think anxiety has surpassed that.Continue reading “A quick little anxiety-buster”

Treat yo’ self…to some boundaries

  Bath bombs! Chocolate! Wine! Going out! Staying in! Netflix! Treat yo’ self. Self-care. It’s a thing.┬áDon’t believe me? Search up the hashtag #selfcare on Instagram, and you’ll see a whole range of suggestions on how to salve your stressed-out soul, from cookies to bath salts to sweatpants to weed. Self-care, it seems, is inContinue reading “Treat yo’ self…to some boundaries”

Sometimes you gotta play hurt.

The Buddhists say that all life is suffering. It’s the first of the Four Noble Truths. Suffering isn’t constant, of course. We all experience hard times, and they inevitably pass or at least get better. This too, we say, shall pass. And it’s true. The Four Noble Truths go on to tell us that ourContinue reading “Sometimes you gotta play hurt.”