Free online classes. Be well!

This is the new normal. And while it’s temporary, let’s face it, we could be in for a long haul at home. I want to do my part to help you stay on your mat during this time. Last week, I shot a couple of practice videos for you, and I plan to keep themContinue reading “Free online classes. Be well!”

Today’s schedule: impermanence

No matter what you had going on this time last week, thanks to COVID-19/coronavirus, this week is CANCELLED. And next week is also cancelled. We don’t really know how long everything is going to be cancelled. As someone who stays pretty busy, as I know you do, and has a lot of scribble in myContinue reading “Today’s schedule: impermanence”

Treat yo’ self…to some boundaries

  Bath bombs! Chocolate! Wine! Going out! Staying in! Netflix! Treat yo’ self. Self-care. It’s a thing.┬áDon’t believe me? Search up the hashtag #selfcare on Instagram, and you’ll see a whole range of suggestions on how to salve your stressed-out soul, from cookies to bath salts to sweatpants to weed. Self-care, it seems, is inContinue reading “Treat yo’ self…to some boundaries”

Sometimes you gotta play hurt.

The Buddhists say that all life is suffering. It’s the first of the Four Noble Truths. Suffering isn’t constant, of course. We all experience hard times, and they inevitably pass or at least get better. This too, we say, shall pass. And it’s true. The Four Noble Truths go on to tell us that ourContinue reading “Sometimes you gotta play hurt.”