Work-at-home yoga for entrepreneurs and creatives

This past week, I had the privilege of being invited by the Venture Center to lead them in a chair yoga workshop. I had a blast talking with this amazing group of entrepreneurs and creatives about the many benefits of yoga, and sharing a mindful and meditative, yet energizing sequence that anyone can do at home, at the office, or anywhere.

Working from home during quarantine has presented a whole new set of stressors on our minds and bodies. For entrepreneurs and creatives, it’s incredibly challenging to stay productive, manage projects, and make all the important decisions…maybe while also trying to homeschool, hold space for our families, maintain our mental and physical health, and manage the stress of this very unusual and rather scary global moment. What are we doing to check in with ourselves and notice how we’re feeling? Yoga provides an opportunity to check out of the hustle and check in with ourselves. That’s important, especially when we may be quarantined with other people and time alone is hard to come by.

Plus, we sit. A lot. Instead of doing our work in our ergonomic office chairs, we’re spread out at the dining room table in rigid chairs, hunched over our computers or phones. Ouch! The most common request I’ve been getting from clients during quarantine is help relieving tension in their upper back, shoulders, and neck, and it’s no wonder. That’s where most of us are likely to store our pent-up stress. So I developed an easy practice to focus on connecting breath to movement, while gently wringing out stress in those areas that most need it right now.

This workshop was live on Zoom and broadcast on FB Live, so here it is, in case you want to give a little chair yoga a try. Connecting breath to movement is a good idea anytime, and so is taking the time to show yourself a little love. Thanks so much for having me, friends!

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