Change is (always) coming

trust in the unknown

I’m a casual student of astrology. A rank amateur. A weekend warrior. I don’t claim to be able to look at your chart and tell you what lies ahead for you, or what you should be focusing on. I’m gonna leave that to the pros.

But in the past year and a half or so, I have come to understand that the phases of the moon, and the astrological signs through which they move, are really helpful in contextualizing the constancy of change. And they provide me with a means to work with that energy instead of allowing me to view myself as a victim of circumstance (or lunar caprice).

Most of us spend a lot of time and energy seeking stability. We want to get to a point where things are running along comfortably and on schedule. We want to be able to relax, exhale, and enjoy our lives as they are. Smooth sailing. Cruise control.

But we know life doesn’t really work like that. As the old saying goes, the only constant is change. The past three years of my life have brought so much seismic change that I am unrecognizable from the person I was before.

And the phases of the moon remind us: that’s exactly as it should be.

The changes in our lives aren’t always dramatic, but they are always transformational. Sometimes it’s the process itself of weathering change that transforms us. Because change, my loves, is coming. It’s always coming, no matter how thorough and well-conceived and executed your plans. And for added fun, just having gone through a life disruption doesn’t exempt you from experiencing another one. And another one. Shaking your fists at the heavens or kicking the dog* or snapping at your family isn’t going to change the nature of change. Change just is.

So the spiritual practice here is to cultivate the inner stability you need to weather any storm. Yoga and meditation are useful tools in teaching us to detach from our knee-jerk emotional reactions and observe them more objectively. What is triggered for us when we are confronted with change? Where do our attachments lie: A sense of certainty? Security? A desired result? A sense of identity?

Get curious. Inquire further. Go deeper still. Once we identify our attachments, we can examine from where that programming originates. Are we holding on to limiting beliefs or unresolved traumas that need to be released or healed?

New moons, I have learned, are great times to set an intention. So for this new moon in Taurus, set an intention to release attachment to the status quo, and to be curious and gentle about change. Because change is coming. And even when the change is really hard, it usually brings needed transformation and opportunities for growth and healing.

Happy New Moon in Taurus, friends! May the changes in your life bring you ever closer to the person you were always meant to be.



*I better not ever catch you kicking a dog.

**The above¬†graphic contains a quote I saw somewhere that really resonated with me, and I wanted to share it with you. I don’t have an attribution for it. But I’m never going to knowingly use someone else’s intellectual property or emotional labor without attribution, so if you know whose original brilliance this is, please do let me know. And in the meantime, I’m grateful for it and hope it serves you. Thanks!


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